Twang Dynasty


Ron Payne editor and publisher of both the successful Australian Guitar Journal and the Music Teacher International magazine for nearly 20 years, here presents The Twang Dynasty A History of Fretted Instruments – The Players, Composers and Makers – in Australasia from 1836 to 2012.

This unique collection of specific information and images spanning over 176 years of guitar culture in Australia is such a good read and will introduce you to the great characters that played a part in creating such rich history for the classical guitar in our country.


For lovers of the guitar

The Twang Dynasty has been designed in order to convey an extensive and eclectic array of information. For lovers of the guitar and guitar history.

Performers, Composers and Luthiers

Grateful acknowledgment is due to the following people for providing specific and valuable sources of information:

Australian Music Centre, Sadie Bishop, Bruce Clarke, Johannes Dimyadi,
Kirsty Jane Gillespie, David Gregory, Trinidad James, Owen Moriarty,
Stephen Washington, Ian Grinblat, Angelina Ellis and Megan Killian.

Book Highlights:

  • The Australian Way
  • A History of the Guitar in Australian Popular and Jazz-orientated Music
  • Perspectives in New Zealand
  • Biographical listing
  • and more
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