Sobrinos De Esteso 1975 Medialuna Blanca



  • Make: Gravina 7 Hermanos Conde Sobrinos de Esteso
  • Year: 1975
  • Scale 660
  • Nut width 52mm
  • Top Spruce
  • Back and sides – cypress



This guitar has lived all of it’s life here in Australia so has not been thrashed on a flamenco tablao and is in original condition unresored. It is form the brief period when they were labelled “Sobrinos de Esteso and the Hermanos Conde Medialuna worked from the famed Gravina 7 Conde workshop that was the lifetime favourite of Paco De Lucia’s.


This guitar was made at the height both the workshop’s fame and is contemporaneous with the best of Paco’s Gravina 7 guitars.


Being a Blanca medialuna i.e a concert soloist guitar for the stage it has more sustain and projection and greater tonal range since this Model was made to project to the back of large concert halls as opposed to student Conde Models more designed as an accompanying instrument for dancing or cante in small tablaos.


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