P. Bernabé – Model 30


The Model 30 builds on the concert like character of the 20 but has a sense of playfulness and joy. The tone is smooth and warm with a velvety character combined with noticeable clarity and evenness across the strings.  The 30 reflects the extra time invested so is very responsive to right and left hand touch, making it easy to experiment with different tones, texture and dynamics with the range of dynamic and quality of sound at all levels being excellent. The bass is firm and strong giving the overall sound, depth and support.


This is an excellent instrument and represents a quantum leap from lesser priced guitars due to the clarity and definition of the inner strings, the balance and the colour.

  • Level – Concert
  • Scale – 650
  • Top – Cedar / Spruce
  • Back and Sides – Solid Indian Rosewood
  • Fret board – Solid Ebony
  • Machine heads – Gold

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