Erez Perelman (2011) Flamenco Blanca



  • Maker: Erez Perlman
  • Year:2011
  • Scale: 650
  • Nut: 52
  • Top: Spruce
  • Back and Sides: Cypress
  • Case included
  • Condition: Immaculate


 Paco De Lucia himself was impressed with these guitars.


Paco’s comments say it all really. He praised the Erez Perlman and said that it sounded like the guitars of olden times.


The presentation is very flamenco with an austere look and the rosette shows timeless beauty. The plantilla is reminiscent of Manuel Reyes.


As Paco says in the video it is traditional sounding, loud and very fast and responsive with a very dry flamenco sound that comes across in the recording below. While the Erez is traditional sounding they feature mechanical pegs for the convenience of the stage musician needing to retune between sets.


No wonder there is long waiting list


In summary: It’s a modern guitar but built with time and patience and like the guitars of old with a clear strong flamenco projection and extremely light and fast.


Condition Report:

Immaculate, the owner has a number of high end flamenco guitars in his collection and liked the Erez Perlman so much he ordered two.


This is his back-up guitar so it is like new.


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