2006 Fleta and Hijos


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The Fleta workshop in Barcelona starting with Ignacio Fleta are a reference across the XX and XXI Centuries. Fleta Hijos are Francisco and Gabriel Fleta carrying on the master guitar building tradition.


After a long wait. we are pleased to confirm arrival  of one of the guitars from the legendary Ignacio Fleta Barcelona workshop. Ignacio Fleta commenced building in 1927 for players such as Andres Segovia, John Williams, Angel Romero and his workshop is now in its third generation – with a waiting list of 18 years! It would be fair to say based on the Angel Romero’s video that top payers fight for these guitars to jump the waiting list.


This is a chance to own not just a guitar, but a unique piece of history and a unique investment.

Condition Report:

Belonging to a professional guitarist and meticulous guitar  collector with  numerous guitars. This guitar is in-as- new condition with no fixes and is the best Fleta we have had tested. Extremely even across the strings with cello-like resonances and sweetness. Interpreting the Spanish repertoire with elegant panache.


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