1969 Felix Manzanero Flamenco Negra and Original case.



 1969 Felix Manzanero Flamenco Negra and Original case.

  • Maker: Felix Manzanero
  • Year:1969
  • Scale:650
  • Top: Spruce
  • Back and Sides: Brazillian Rosewood
  • French Polish
  • Recently restored and French polished


This guitar has only just arrived into our collection. More Photos will be posted shortly.



Felix Manzanero retired in 2012. Felix Manzanero learned in the Jose Ramirez shop in the 1950’s where he was considered to be one of the best makers. He established his shop in the early 1960’s in Calle Santa Ana. He has continued learning and expanding his craft since he has a splendid collection of 100 old Spanish Guitars in his shop dating back to the 18th century. He was considered one of the XX best exponents of Guitar making. Especially his flamenco Negras and made guitars for many of Flamenco’s Greats.


This splendid example was ordered by Ian Davies to play with Victor Monje “Serranito” on the world stage.  So a lot of care was lavished on it. This is truly a hand- made guitar–one man designs, makes and finishes one complete guitar. It was made by a greatly experienced maker at the height of his powers knowing it would be heard by all. The rosette of each guitar is hand made. The woods for this instrument being Brazillian are no longer available and were dried and seasoned by Felix for several decades before beginning this guitar. The bracing and soundboard were carefully worked by Felix to precise flexibility/strength to achieve the unique Manzanero sound.


It has the all the hall marks of Felix Mazanero full resonant basses with the “darkness” typical of well seasoned Brasillian Rosewood balanced with the rich unctuous trebbles and powerfull midrange.



 Statement from previous owner. a flamenco professional who worked and lived in Spain for many years and who bought the guitar from Ian Davies.


“The Felix Manzanero is a 1969 Negra and was owned and played by the renowned Ian Davies who used it all the years he worked at café de Chinitas with “Serranito” and also used during his concert tours with Serranito.


He sold it to me when his Arcangel was ready for him after a 6 year wait  in 1974.”


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