“For the Discriminating Player of the Plucked String”

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The byline, ‘For the discriminating player of the plucked string,’ was not arrived at easily as I believe that all bone fide styles and instruments deserve space in a Journal of this type.

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Highly Strung? A Possible Solution By Ad van Beers Timothy Garcia sat there alone on the huge stage of the Hong Kong Island concert hall and retuned his guitar for the umpteenth time, and as I fought with the impulse to stand up and offer some assistance, the apologetically smiling guitar player proceeded to put...

Improve Your Sight-Reading Skills! By Bruce Clarke Good sight readers have the ability to play almost any piece of music put in front of them, accurately, first time through. It's a valuable skill, and one which anyone with a good basic understanding of reading can develop or improve.   Share this: There are three important...

Eliot Fisk - Looking for New Possibilities Part 1 In conversation with Nadia Sartori N.S: How did your career begin? E.F: My career began when I was seven and by chance a guitar entered my family's house. I went to a classical teacher who happened to be a former pupil of Segovia's in Vienna and...

Teaching Skills and Strategies By Isolde Schaupp It is not sufficient to be competent in a subject if one wants to teach it. Successful teaching requires, in addition, a systematic approach to the subject to be taught, as well as general teaching skills and strategies. Students need to be stimulated, motivated and helped to acquire...

In Conversation with Simon Marty By Austin Prichard-Levy Simon Marty is a Sydney-based luthier whose guitars are acquiring a considerable reputation, both here and overseas, for their projection, clarity and brightness of tone.   Share this: Simon has a doctorate in electrical engineering, a background that has aided him considerably with his innovative approach to...

Sadie Bishop Interview

Watch this interview with Sadie Bishop Sadie evinced a robust technique and a beautiful tone. She had a belated introduction to the guitar, but fell under its spell and became rapidly adept on the instrument.   Share this: Key figure in the renaissance of the guitar in Australia, having advanced the standard of playing and...

Learning guitar and simultaneously developing an understanding of the music you wish to play upon it are two separate accumulative processes

Ruben Riera is Venezuela’s leading classical guitarist and was making his third visit to Australia when this interview took place.

Even the best talent will not achieve notable results on an instrument without adequate practicing techniques. It is therefore essential that students are taught how to practice effectively.

Music for me is the end result of trying to bring dreams into reality, it’s a universe of emotion producing a living experience not easily expressed (for a musician) in words but found in sound itself.

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