Classical Guitar Resources


Let Us Play for Our Children


Baroque Guitar for the Modern Performer – A Practical Compromise.


Guitar Composer Leo Brouwer: The Concept of a ‘Universal Language’;jsessionid=7917A1461ADEFBEC6E8634238E8864BA.tomcat1?fromPage=online&aid=1926832


Early Guitar Technique: A Little Advice


La Folia de Espana: Dances for Guitar


Guitar Composers of the Classical & Early Romantic Period


Robert Bouchet


Literature and Prints Concerning the Guitar and the Lute  in the Collection of Kenneth Sparr


Leo Brouwer: Portrait of the Artist in Socialist Cuba


Classic Guitar Forum


La Guitarra Espanola


Handbook of Guitar and Lute Composers,+thesis,+guitar&source=bl&ots=G1Yc3Qb-QJ&sig=ta8WnDGqNx8tZInGd6GHCkTVfCI&hl=en&sa=X&oi=book_result&ct=result


Let us Play for Our Children


Urtext Editions of Guitar Music


Giulio Regondi


A Brief History of Spanish Guitar Methods


Baroque Guitar for the Modern Performer, a Practical Compromise.


John Williams Interview


Badi Assad Interview


Christopher Parkening Interview


Bill Kanengiser Interview


Jimmy Page Interview


An Interview with Classical Guitar Maker Hermann Hauser III
Books on the History of Classical Guitars
How To Tell The differences Between Hand Made and Factory Made Classical Guitars
Classical Guitar Maker Kevin Aram
An Interview with Classical Guitar Maker Geza Burghardt
Classical Guitar Maker Gregory Byers
Classical Guitar maker Joshia de Jonge
An Interview with Classical Guitar Maker Jeffrey Elliott
Olivier Fanton d’Andon on the Origins of his Classical Guitars
Classical Guitar Maker Paul Fischer
Classical Guitar Maker Eric Monrad
Classical Guitar Maker Gary Southwell
Classical Guitar Maker Andrea Tacchi
Rodgers Tuning Machines: An Overview
An Interview with Classical Guitarist Raphaella Smits
How To French Polish Classical Guitars
Classical Guitar Related Magazines and Journals


An Interview with Marco de Santi


A Study In Contrasts: John Williams At The Ambassador Auditorium, Pasadena, California


Leo Brouwer


The Guitar Under Lully


Horst Klee Interview


Michael Oldfield


Segovia & the Guitar


Jose Ramirez 111


Miguel Llobet


Guitar Views of Andres Segovia


Regino Sainz de la Maza


Santos Hernandez


Humidity and the Guitar


Domingo Esteso Lopez


Repairing Minor Guitar Cracks


Interview with Julian Bream


An Afternoon with Presti and Lagoya


The Guitar in the Arts


The Guitar Lute and I by Julian Bream


John Mc Laughlin Interview


A conversation with John Mc Laughlin


Vihuela de Mano


Stalking the Oldest Six-String Guitar


English Lute repertory


Urtext Editions of Guitar Music


Early Guitar Technique


Guitar Acoustics

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