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Ron Payne

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Slava Grigoryan

“I studied with Ron Payne for a year when I was about 13 years-old. He was inspirational in many ways. Most importantly he introduced me to the wider and greater world of the classical guitar. I highly recommend Ron as a teacher for guitarists of all ages and experience.”

– Slava Grigoryan

Classical guitarist Ron Payne HonFNMSM commenced his guitar studies at an early age after hearing the great Spanish guitarist, Andres Segovia.


Learning the basics from the eminent Brazilian guitarist, Laurindo Almeida, Ron began formal studies with John Mills and Peter Calvo, (a disciple of Len Williams [father of John]) at the Sydney Spanish Guitar Centre.


Ron Payne currently teaches at his private studio in Box Hill, Victoria, where he specialises in performance practice, music history, theory, form and analysis, and ear training. Preparations for examinations, competitions and concerts can also be arranged.

Ron Payne

Ron has given me a lifelong love and passion for the guitar

“I first began classical guitar lessons with Ron around 8-9 years ago. He took me from the very basics of A New Tune A Day right through to my grade 8 exam in 2016. Seeing my dad have lessons from Ron during that same time period, I came to realise how flexible Ron is with his teaching style, catering to each specific student’s needs to bring out their full potential.

However, more importantly than the technical and musical knowledge that he has imparted, Ron has given me a lifelong love and passion for the guitar. There has not been a single moment in these last 9 years where I have not enjoyed playing guitar, and Ron played a big part in keeping that enjoyment alive. He is always more than happy for me to choose and learn “wish-list” pieces, no matter how hard they may be, and makes sure that I have a good variety of repertoire (which should always include a Bach, a study and a duet!). Finally, Ron teaches with the aim for guitar music to be shared with others. One of the most rewarding things about learning from Ron has been the regular student concerts. His provision of a non-judgemental space for each of us to develop performance skills and to share new guitar music is extremely valuable. All in all, I thank Ron for his guidance over the years and recommend his experienced and thoughtful tuition to students of all skill levels.” – Michelle Chiu

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