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- a magazine for the discriminating player of the plucked string!-

"For the Discriminating Player of the Plucked String"

Welcome to the The Twang Box Dynasty® Articles.

In the past the world guitar fraternity has witnessed the growth of many fine Australian guitarists, composers and luthiers. Names such as Williams, Grigoryan, Schaupp, Kain, Waldron, Sculthorpe, Hollier, Sitsky, Smallman et al have deservedly earned international reputations.

Into the new millennium we shouldn't neglect the legacy left by such stellar names as Sam Dunn, Len Williams, Eugene Pingatore and many others who forged a bright future for the future Australian guitar scene.

The The Twang Box Dynasty® Articles is Australia's first real foray into the field of international guitar journalism. The byline, 'For the discriminating player of the plucked string,' was not arrived at easily as we believe that all bone fide styles and instruments deserve space in a Journal of this type.

It is our intention to educate and communicate to all fields by concentrating on those more steeped in tradition. But the 'new' certainly will be ignored either.

The classical, acoustic and jazz guitar, lute, mandolin, vihuela will all receive our share of attention as will the players, composers and makers.

We are proud to have some of Australia's finest players among our regular writers and we hope this is just the beginning of a long and successful association.

Anyone with any item of interest - articles, news, music, review material (books, CDs, sheet music, software) shouldn't hesitate to contribute. All material will be considered for publication as this is YOUR magazine.

So remember, your communication is valuable to us."

Ron Payne, Editor and Publisher and staff


Angelo Gilardino
By Isolde Schaupp
Isolde Schaupp spoke to Italian guitarist Angelo Gilardino on the occasion of the Lagonegro International Guitar Festival and Competition in Italy.
Systematic Memorisation
By Isolde Schaupp
Unfortunately, music is often played "by heart" with no systematic approach to memorisation.

Bruce Clarke In Conversation
The Twang Box Dynasty® Articles
Bruce Clarke has been at the forefront of the Australian guitar and contemporary music scenes since 1949, working as a free-lance guitarist/arranger among many orchestras on live radio shows, and backing overseas artists on concert tours in the dance halls and ballrooms which were popular at the time
Timothy Kain Interview
The Twang Box Dynasty® Articles
"On a realistic level one has to stress the importance of making music as an everyday thing and the importance of it to a community."
   The Guitar In Ensemble
By Richard Charlton
Over the past few years there has been a pleasing increase in ensemble activities by guitarists, students and professionals alike. The guitar ensemble whether it be a duo, quartet or larger body is now an established fact and can provide the player with the opportunity to improve himself, not only as a guitarist but more importantly to improve him/herself, not only as a guitarist but more importantly as a musician.
   Sadie Bishop - An Appreciation
By David Gregory
From today's perspective it is hard to imagine of the earlier days of the 20th century when at least in the English speaking world, the guitar was largely considered to be a folk instrument, not a proper instrument like the violin or piano.
   Our Task Is To Educate Musicians Not Just Guitar Players
By Isolde Schaupp
The opinion that technique must be built up first before one can make music is still fairly widespread among guitarists. As a result of this way of thinking, hours are spent in practising numerous exercises....
   Paul Sheridan, Luthier
By Graham C. Rawlins
Paul Sheridan, luthier, has been making guitars which rank amongst the best available in Australia. Graham Rawlins spoke with Paul about his work and ideas.
   Peter Altmeier-Mort Interview
Graham Rawlins
One of Australia's foremost music educators on guitar, Peter Altmeier-Mort is perhaps most well known as the author of 'The Art of Classical Guitar' and the 'Guitar for Kidz' tutor book series.
What's new for classical guitarists such as John Williams    John Williams Interview
with Austin Prichard-Levy
on topics of particular relevance and interest to classical guitarists, such as string selection, his known dislike of guitar competitions, his ambivalent relationship with Segovia, the impact of his technical prowess on a generation of young players, his views on guitar pedagogy, and his love of the Bach Chaconne, which many regard as his signature piece, such is the authority he has stamped on it with superlative concert performances and recordings.
Sir Michael Tippett
Composer par Excellence An Appreciation by Graham Rawlins
Sir Michael Tippett was principal guest of honour during the Festival of Perth this year, and I could do no better than to quote some of the promotional material which says that " its growing reputation, the Festival of Perth is now able to attract the very best creators and performers from all over the world."
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