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Classical Guitar Teacher - Ron Payne providing guitar lessons
Ron Payne Biography - Classical Guitar Teacher

"I studied with Ron Payne for a year when I was
about 13 years-old. He was inspirational in many ways. Most importantly he introduced me to the wider and greater world of the classical guitar.
I highly recommend Ron as
a teacher for guitarists of
all ages and experience."
- Slava Grigoryan

 "The guitar is a wonderful instrument  which is understood by few."
  - Franz  Schubert

 "The instrument most complete and  richest in its harmonic and polyphonic  possibilities."  - Manuel de Falla

 "I love the guitar for its harmony; it is  my constant companion in all my  travels."  - Nicolo Paganini

 "Nothing is more beautiful than a  guitar, save perhaps two."
 - Frederic Chopin

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Classical guitar teacher Ron Payne HonFNMSM commenced his guitar studies at an early age after hearing the great Spanish guitarist, Andres Segovia.

Learning the basics from the eminent Brazilian guitarist, Laurindo Almeida, Ron began formal studies with John Mills and Peter Calvo, (a disciple of Len Williams [father of John]) at the Sydney Spanish Guitar Centre.

"One of my goals is to help the student apply his lessons so as to form a program and then perform; to become his OWN teacher."   - Ron Payne

Ron Payne currently holds guitar lessons at his private studio in Lower Templestowe in Victoria, where he specializes in performance practice, music history, theory, form and analysis, and ear training. Preparations for examinations, competitions and concerts can also be arranged.

"I believe a student should play and perform. He's studying today what he aims to produce tomorrow. The focus is on the doing. Theory, theory, theory is for the ivory tower specialist."
   - Ron Payne

Having taught for over 30 years Ron Payne saw the need for teachers, performers, students and aficionados to network and so published and edited the Australian Guitar Journal and the Music Teacher International Magazine.

A broad taste in music has encouraged Ron to embrace a wide repertoire in his programs - these ranging from the lute music of the Renaissance to the great masters Bach and Britten.

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I studied with Ron Payne for a year when I was about 13 years-old. He was inspirational in many ways. Most importantly he introduced me to the wider and greater world of the classical guitar. I highly recommend Ron as a teacher for guitarists of all ages and experience.
Slava Grigoryan

I am a self-taught guitarist who has been playing for 17 years, without any knowledge of theory or the know-how of the classical guitar. I always felt that I knew a lot and that I didn't really need to learn more about the classical guitar for my purposes, but having lessons with Ron Payne completely disabused me of the idea. Ron helped me get a proper classical guitar, taught me about tone and how important it is to playing. He also greatly helped me with my technique and set some standards for me with regard to composing. I highly recommend him.
Alex Chudnovsky

Your guitar lessons are interesting with a touch of humor which makes them fun to attend. Also, we learn’t a lot from your explanations and tips!
Byron and Kieron, aged 8 and 10

I had a long dream to play the guitar. At 70 years of age I thought I would never achieve this dream but after a chat with Ron Payne we decided to “go for it”. It is now just under 12 months since we started together. The experience has been thoroughly enjoyable - both the practice and weekly lessons. Ron is a master of his trade; a great tutor and a very patient man who is always so positive, encouraging and enthusiastic. My young grand children sometimes sing along to a tune which gives me great joy.
David Deeble

I began lessons with Ron in 2010 with the dual ambition of obtaining a Grade 8 qualification in Classical Guitar and entry to a Bachelor of Music at the University of Melbourne. It is testament to Ron's skill as a communicator, motivator and all-round guitar-guru that I was able to realise these ambitions. Ron has a real talent for getting the best out of his students and I highly recommend him as a teacher.
Dominic Williams

Ron played a pivotal role in preparing me for tertiary auditions. His insight and helpful advice offered a fresh perspective that helped me reach my full potential and the performance opportunities he offered were invaluable in helping me learn how to deal with nerves. I am extremely thankful for the time he invested in me.
Evan Hopkins

Nearly forty years ago I gave up studying classical guitar through pressure of work, but I have always dreamed that one day I might take it up again. Since I retired from professional engineering three years ago at the age of seventy five, Ron has helped me make that dream come true. His love of the guitar and his long experience in teaching and playing are evident in every lesson. I would not have made the progress I have without his enthusiasm and encouragement.
Peter MacGregor, former pupil of Jose Luis Gonzales

Ron derives joy in teaching; he passionately loves his job. His attitude to teaching is very calm, relaxed, helpful, and always encouraging. He would readily teach any repertoire a student needs to learn, no matter what type of exams you want to take. Moreover, if you who do not want exams, he would tailor a program to suit your needs, incorporating your favorite pieces, at the same time making sure that all the technical aspects of learning are covered. Ron’s approach brings out the best in each of his student no matter how old you are. I have seen some of his ‘bambino’ guitarists play like a ‘pro’! Each lesson is an opportunity to learn, to enjoy and to progress. It’s like learning driving with a ‘racing champ’ - you just can’t go wrong.
Melanie Lo

Ron helped me rediscover and re-ignite my passion for the classical guitar after somewhat of a hiatus. He instilled in me a drive to continually improve and push myself to the next level; guiding me with great success through my Eighth Grade and beyond. Ron is a real credit to the Australian classical guitar scene - his dedication towards his students is unsurpassed and his enthusiasm is completely infectious. Undoubtedly Ron has helped me become the guitarist and musician I am today.
Nicole Rogers

I spent 2 years under the tuition of Ron Payne. In that time he helped me to develop my performance confidence, was able to correct inevitable errors in my reading and timing, and gave invaluable critical advice on interpretation. Above all, Ron is a patient and good-natured teacher, under whom lessons are a pleasure rather than a chore. I would recommend him as a teacher to anyone who wants to develop their classical guitar skills in a friendly learning environment.
Tom Pollard

When I told Ron I was 58 and the only thing I had ever played was the radio. He thought I was kidding. In three months I have progressed further than I had ever expected. I can now work my way through various musical pieces, read music slowly and am confident that with a bit of dedication and your continued help and infinite patience I will be playing even better in another three months. Thanks Ron,
Jim Lynch

I have been very fortunate to have found Ron. He came highly and warmly recommended. My experience serves only to confirm those recommendations. From the perspective of a novice, I was firstly impressed with his genuine enquiry as to the question, “Why Tim?” We have our reasons and Ron’s empathy with mine was greatly appreciated. We have since departed on a wonderful journey that has often been bewildering and taxing, but at all times exhilarating and rewarding. If only more time to practice. Ron has at all times been supportive, engaging and inspirational. His passion is infectious and his patience a virtue.
Tim Seccull, Barrister

In my twenty-five years of involvement with music and music education, I have never come across a musician or a music teacher that is so amazing. You can not help but learn and progress, deepen appreciation for, access and enjoy music in such little time with the method taught by Ron Payne. Here is one of those wonders that one observes in themselves...namely: rapid musical developement. I have leaped and bounded in the few short months more than I ever had done before with other instruments/teachers and that is without mentioning the complexity of Guitar. Ron Payne has made it so easy and his diverse experience and relaxed manner make it so enjoyable. I can already see that the tuition I have had with Ron so far is going to create such a solid foundation in technique and performance that I can honestly say this approach to learning is the style every musical educator should use...because it is the embodiment of success. Opportunities to meet, perform and socialise with other students of all ages and levels of society further empower ones technique and language of music. Thank you Ron for making my musical progress so exciting.
- Russell Williams - Laboratory Technician / Sitar Player

Just thought I’d let you know that as a 65 year old newcomer to the classical guitar, I’ve derived a tremendous amount of inspiration and encouragement from your weekly lessons. You’ve helped me get over the confidence hump to the point I now really want to succeed. Your regular student “soirees” create the perfect environment for students such as myself to perform without pressure. Our common goal is to play well and making mistakes is part of the journey. Thanks for everything.
- Dr. Chris  Reynolds

“I live in Mildura, some 500 km away from Melbourne, and I can only attend a lesson every two to three months. Ron has been fantastic in the few lessons I have attended since I started in January 2006. As well as helping me out with technique, I find his advice and discussion on presentation invaluable. His passion for classical guitar is infectious! I have had three lessons and have noticed a significant improvement with my playing.” James Huckson.

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Thanks Ron, for the valuable help and guidance in preparation for Licentiate Diploma. Your vast knowledge and wisdom helped to make this journey an enlightening and exciting one." -Louis Arcoraci

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